Sunday, 21 December 2008

On the up....

It's been a minute since my last post mainly because I have been on a horrible downswing online, however I'm hoping I've turned a corner and can start to build the bakroll again.. I'll shut up and post some hands from the $0.50/1.00 games i have been playing...

I tried taking this hand down on the flop neither player showed significant strength and if they are on the heart draw then I have good equity against their range of calling hands...

This hand looks spewy from me but the guy had re-raised my last 3 raises and I had to make a stand with a reasonable hand... It flet nice to dish out a bad beat to be honest!!!

I was hoping the guy had either A9 or an over pair, allowing me to stack off on the flop with him only having two outs in the deck to catch... no point in slow playing in this spot.

Cold deck for my opponent here..

Dream flop for me after some preflop aggression here!!!! I put him on the King of clubs with maybe an ace so might aswell get it all in on the turn.

Didn't want to just call the flop re-raise and check fold the turn when missing so decided to ship it on the flop... I was crushed but still had about 30% chance of hitting my flush so i don't hate the play!

In terms on live games, I played some small tournament poker last night and won about £60 but played in the £1-2 cash game in Southend last month and lost £100 with top two pair against top set so the hand kind of played itself.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

My biggest pots and biggest single downswing!!! ouch!!

Howdy all,

It's been too long since my last blog, I have just had my first losing month in poker and I lost big!!!

I took a shot at $2-4 blinds and went on my worst run since starting playing, I also won some decent sized pots in the process but I have had to move back down to $050-1 blinds until I start to run better...

Here are a few hands..

This is just sick and typical of how I have been running-

I should toss this on the river but obviously couldn't....

Super standard.

Needless to say 10 10 isn't my favourite hand...

On the upside.. this was nice

I will post graph at some time in the future to show how bad the downswing was, but trust me it was ugly.. As for September im up about $400 but it will be a slow grind back up


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Big pots & lots of action!!!!!


This weekend has probably been the sickest I have experienced in poker so far.... as you know I have been doing well recently and that run continued until yesterday when I dropped over $700. To be honest I didn't feel too bad as it's only 3 and a half buy's in the $200 games play but it's still scary when i equate it into £££££. I hit a real cold deck and took some naty beats, but before I show some hands I'll talk about my biggest winning pot ever on friday night. It was $610 and I won it with King high.... I know.. fucking king high.. hilarious!!!
Here is the hand, I was taking a beating in the game and pushed in frustration, thankfully it paid off nicely.

Now for the beats....this was pretty brutal.

This might seem wild but I just knew he was holding AK or AK some reason, can't feel too bad, I got my money in as a 70% favourite on the turn.

Cold deck time!!!! Never folding here.

Tough call here on the flop but he seemed real fishy so I made a good call and got spunked in the face by the poker gods again....

Hope my luck changes again soon, I just won $130 today so thats a start I suppose!!


Sunday, 13 July 2008

$50 - $5000 in 13 months......


I reached a milestone today, I hit the magic $5k mark. I had a good day today and won just over $300 which makes it about $450 for the weekend... however I lost $200 last weekend so barely up over $250 for the month which is pretty shit. I'll post a few hands...

Should have gotten away from this...with his river raise but so often at these stakes it's trips or AAA.

Running V Bad..

Thought he might have a draw like KQ and just semi-bluffing on the turn, little did I know he was so strong!

Running good!!! lol.

I have my final presentation this week at work which will hopefully result in an end to my training and start my launch in field... wish me luck!!!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

June Results...


Click to see June results.. Good month but bummed I didn't finish as well as hoped.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Action weekend....

Howdy all,

Job is still going great, I was in a hospital on Friday and saw a procedure of a flexible scope placed into a man japs eye to look into his bladder... enough to make me cross my legs.. lol

Been playing a lot of poker this weekend.... I played like a prick Friday night and lost about $250 in some $2-4 games, but have won about $600 playing in the $1-2 games so another nice profit for the weekend.

Here is by far my favourite hand of the weekend, i love the push on the turn as I think I can get KQ to fold here a lot of the time, my equity in the hand is good so even of he calls I still have about 14 outs, if he calls on a flush draw then he deserves what he gets.

Automatic, no need point in slow play here with 2 spades on the flop...

Finally comfortable enough at these stakes to shove here...

can't get away from this one...

NEVER EVER EVER SLOW PLAY... played like a cunt here, should have shoved the flop!!

I should have shoved this on the flop, my equity is pretty good and he folds often enough to make it profitable in my opinion

I hope to play a bit during the week as I'm at home for a couple of nights this week... will update soon.

Craig .

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Life is good ...


The new job s going great, i'm really starting to learn lots although I'm only half way thru my training and still spending most of my time down in Southend..... speaking of which, I went to the Maxims casino again last week and played in the £1-2 No-Limit Holdem game cash game. There were 8 players including me and the play was a bt soft compared to the super aggressive online 6 max games. Most guys were just limping in pots and there were a lot of dumb bluffs which were not working out.... anyway I sat down with £100 and played snug to get a real tight image to hopefully alow me to open up and steal more & more during the game. About 30 mins into the game I was dealt J 10 spades, there was one limper and I raised to £8, the small blid re-raised to £18, the limper called and I was priced in to call a further £10. The flop came 8 7 9 and I flopped the stonecold nuts, small blind checks, the limper checks, I fire about £23, the small blind calls and the limper raises another £75, I acted weakfor about minute, then puts my stack in hoping to et the small bind to call the bet, unfortunately he foled and it was just me and the limper, he showed 77 and my hand held up to win a nice pot. I won some small pots after that and left the table with £252, not a bad 2 hours work.... lol.

Online things have been going well too. I managed to win just undr $600 in May despite only playing 2000 hand which is a good win rate.... here are some hands from reent sessions....

I don't hate his turn raise here but once I push he has to fold.....

Standard as they come..

Not a profitable call preflop in my opinion but worked out well for him this hand

I finally make a flush..

Great river card for me, still struggling to put him on a hand when he folds here....

Good luck...