Sunday, 20 July 2008

Big pots & lots of action!!!!!


This weekend has probably been the sickest I have experienced in poker so far.... as you know I have been doing well recently and that run continued until yesterday when I dropped over $700. To be honest I didn't feel too bad as it's only 3 and a half buy's in the $200 games play but it's still scary when i equate it into £££££. I hit a real cold deck and took some naty beats, but before I show some hands I'll talk about my biggest winning pot ever on friday night. It was $610 and I won it with King high.... I know.. fucking king high.. hilarious!!!
Here is the hand, I was taking a beating in the game and pushed in frustration, thankfully it paid off nicely.

Now for the beats....this was pretty brutal.

This might seem wild but I just knew he was holding AK or AK some reason, can't feel too bad, I got my money in as a 70% favourite on the turn.

Cold deck time!!!! Never folding here.

Tough call here on the flop but he seemed real fishy so I made a good call and got spunked in the face by the poker gods again....

Hope my luck changes again soon, I just won $130 today so thats a start I suppose!!


Sunday, 13 July 2008

$50 - $5000 in 13 months......


I reached a milestone today, I hit the magic $5k mark. I had a good day today and won just over $300 which makes it about $450 for the weekend... however I lost $200 last weekend so barely up over $250 for the month which is pretty shit. I'll post a few hands...

Should have gotten away from this...with his river raise but so often at these stakes it's trips or AAA.

Running V Bad..

Thought he might have a draw like KQ and just semi-bluffing on the turn, little did I know he was so strong!

Running good!!! lol.

I have my final presentation this week at work which will hopefully result in an end to my training and start my launch in field... wish me luck!!!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

June Results...


Click to see June results.. Good month but bummed I didn't finish as well as hoped.