Sunday, 21 December 2008

On the up....

It's been a minute since my last post mainly because I have been on a horrible downswing online, however I'm hoping I've turned a corner and can start to build the bakroll again.. I'll shut up and post some hands from the $0.50/1.00 games i have been playing...

I tried taking this hand down on the flop neither player showed significant strength and if they are on the heart draw then I have good equity against their range of calling hands...

This hand looks spewy from me but the guy had re-raised my last 3 raises and I had to make a stand with a reasonable hand... It flet nice to dish out a bad beat to be honest!!!

I was hoping the guy had either A9 or an over pair, allowing me to stack off on the flop with him only having two outs in the deck to catch... no point in slow playing in this spot.

Cold deck for my opponent here..

Dream flop for me after some preflop aggression here!!!! I put him on the King of clubs with maybe an ace so might aswell get it all in on the turn.

Didn't want to just call the flop re-raise and check fold the turn when missing so decided to ship it on the flop... I was crushed but still had about 30% chance of hitting my flush so i don't hate the play!

In terms on live games, I played some small tournament poker last night and won about £60 but played in the £1-2 cash game in Southend last month and lost £100 with top two pair against top set so the hand kind of played itself.