Friday, 29 February 2008

Year to date results

Here are my results for 2008 up to end of February..

I have had an ugly time of it since my last blog, although I made a nice comeback in the past 2-3 days. I dropped $300 in one session and about $185 the next day which had me really frustrated.. here are a couple of hands from the losing sessions..

played this so bad it's tough to see it again, should have just bet out on the flop and called a raise/push.

Tilting badly and playing too wreckless..

I have managed to claw back most of my loses and made it a good end to the month with the help of the following hands..

Nice to hit a flop hard.

Wish this guys was sitting at all my tables.. lol

This guy was playing over 80% of his hands making a call standard in this situation.

All in all, really pleased with my results in february, I hope my luck continues into march.

Good luck at the tables...

Saturday, 23 February 2008

My first Poker purchase & record month...

I made my first major purchase from my poker winnings on Monday and I have a real sense of achievement in doing so. I bought this wide screen tv for my front room...
I kinda felt weird to withdraw from my bankroll but I promised myself to take some cash out if I reached my target for February.

I have been playing a lot of poker this month and it's my most productive month so far, I really feel like I have an edge over the standard 100NL player so In will probably stick around at that level for a while. Here are my stats from Jan 1st - Feb 23rd -

Here are some interesting hands I have played recently..

Lucky turn here but I'll take it

Terible play from an opponent here

Should have pushed the river here I think

Running good

Some 200NL hands...

Very marginal hand here, I hate my turn bet but put him on a flush draw

another misplayed hand here should have raised river bet

Slow played but ended up getting the maximum

Will update agin in a week or so, good luck at the tables!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Making progress, getting killed AT 50NL

Things are steadily going my way over the past few days, since my last blog I played a disgusting session of 50NL and dropped just over 3 buys in to a complete donk who was hitting everything, here's a small example...

It might look a wreckless play but he was bluffing so often with air and showing that I was correct in thinking my 9's were well ahead of his range. I tilted quite badly and had to take a break before playing some 100Nl and winning back over $100 to help soften the blow.

So that's it for me at NL50, whatever the reasons my results are bad and I have the bankroll to multitable 100NL so i'm sticking with those games from now on!

I just finished one of my best sessions online banking $170 from 250 hands multitabling 100NL. I ran very well but played well also and managed to get the most from my hands, here is the biggest hand from the session.

Hoping to get a re-raise or push on the flop here..

Will update again in a few days time, good luck at the tables!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Welcome to my Blog...

So I decided to keep a blog of my poker activities. Over the coming weeks and months I will be posting tricky hands I've played, big pots and my general thoughts on how I'm running.

For those of you completely unfamilular with my posting on 2+2 and Fullcontactpoker forums I currently play 100NL holdem on Partypoker under the screen name In4apenny222. My bankroll is about $2000 at the moment which I have built up from an initial $50 deposit. I started playing $6 sit & go's but quickly decided that cash game poker is far more enjoyable and profitable (for me anyway). I have progressed through 10/25 and 50NL games and now feel comfortable playing 100NL. I have taken a couple of shots at 200NL but I'm stuck about $200 and kinda playing on scared money as my bankroll isn't high enough so for the time being I will stick to 100NL.

I have recently downloaded pokertracker & pokerace HUD software which has been a real eye opener for my 6max cash game strategy. I quickly realised that I was losing too much money playing in the Small blind/Big blind and Under the gun and have subsequently made alterations to help plug the leaks.

Thanks for checking out the blog and feel free to post comments when you like!!