Sunday, 17 February 2008

Making progress, getting killed AT 50NL

Things are steadily going my way over the past few days, since my last blog I played a disgusting session of 50NL and dropped just over 3 buys in to a complete donk who was hitting everything, here's a small example...

It might look a wreckless play but he was bluffing so often with air and showing that I was correct in thinking my 9's were well ahead of his range. I tilted quite badly and had to take a break before playing some 100Nl and winning back over $100 to help soften the blow.

So that's it for me at NL50, whatever the reasons my results are bad and I have the bankroll to multitable 100NL so i'm sticking with those games from now on!

I just finished one of my best sessions online banking $170 from 250 hands multitabling 100NL. I ran very well but played well also and managed to get the most from my hands, here is the biggest hand from the session.

Hoping to get a re-raise or push on the flop here..

Will update again in a few days time, good luck at the tables!

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