Thursday, 14 February 2008

Welcome to my Blog...

So I decided to keep a blog of my poker activities. Over the coming weeks and months I will be posting tricky hands I've played, big pots and my general thoughts on how I'm running.

For those of you completely unfamilular with my posting on 2+2 and Fullcontactpoker forums I currently play 100NL holdem on Partypoker under the screen name In4apenny222. My bankroll is about $2000 at the moment which I have built up from an initial $50 deposit. I started playing $6 sit & go's but quickly decided that cash game poker is far more enjoyable and profitable (for me anyway). I have progressed through 10/25 and 50NL games and now feel comfortable playing 100NL. I have taken a couple of shots at 200NL but I'm stuck about $200 and kinda playing on scared money as my bankroll isn't high enough so for the time being I will stick to 100NL.

I have recently downloaded pokertracker & pokerace HUD software which has been a real eye opener for my 6max cash game strategy. I quickly realised that I was losing too much money playing in the Small blind/Big blind and Under the gun and have subsequently made alterations to help plug the leaks.

Thanks for checking out the blog and feel free to post comments when you like!!



chrisgray said...

Daddy, I think you need this:

Terry Tibbitts said...

Hi craig, looking at your graph the poker seems to be going well on the whole!

I haven't been playing much lately as I'm having to spend my spare time doing other stuff!

Good luck