Saturday, 23 February 2008

My first Poker purchase & record month...

I made my first major purchase from my poker winnings on Monday and I have a real sense of achievement in doing so. I bought this wide screen tv for my front room...
I kinda felt weird to withdraw from my bankroll but I promised myself to take some cash out if I reached my target for February.

I have been playing a lot of poker this month and it's my most productive month so far, I really feel like I have an edge over the standard 100NL player so In will probably stick around at that level for a while. Here are my stats from Jan 1st - Feb 23rd -

Here are some interesting hands I have played recently..

Lucky turn here but I'll take it

Terible play from an opponent here

Should have pushed the river here I think

Running good

Some 200NL hands...

Very marginal hand here, I hate my turn bet but put him on a flush draw

another misplayed hand here should have raised river bet

Slow played but ended up getting the maximum

Will update agin in a week or so, good luck at the tables!

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