Friday, 29 February 2008

Year to date results

Here are my results for 2008 up to end of February..

I have had an ugly time of it since my last blog, although I made a nice comeback in the past 2-3 days. I dropped $300 in one session and about $185 the next day which had me really frustrated.. here are a couple of hands from the losing sessions..

played this so bad it's tough to see it again, should have just bet out on the flop and called a raise/push.

Tilting badly and playing too wreckless..

I have managed to claw back most of my loses and made it a good end to the month with the help of the following hands..

Nice to hit a flop hard.

Wish this guys was sitting at all my tables.. lol

This guy was playing over 80% of his hands making a call standard in this situation.

All in all, really pleased with my results in february, I hope my luck continues into march.

Good luck at the tables...

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