Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Swingy sessions in March / biggest online winning pot!!!

I started off playing a ton in March but not so much during the last fews days as I've been busy. The month got off to a flying start qucikly making $250-300, but since then it's been really swingy and currently i'm up about $350 which is quite bad considering the amount of hands I've played. I did manage to have a good session winning over $250 yesterday but lost it all and ended with a $15 profit which sums up poker for me lately.
Today I faced a real cold deck and was just setting fire to cash so decided to end with a $150 loss for the day... Since moving up to the $0.50/1.00 games I seem to be able to handle the losing streaks better than I did when playing for smaller stakes which is strange as the sums I'm playing for are increasing.... i think it's just a case of realing and coming to terms with the fact that loses are inevitable in poker and my edge comes from being able to keep my losing sessions short and my winning sessions long...
Overall I'm running shit at the moment but hopefully that will change and I can start to make some cash towards the middle and end of the month..... I wuld really like to beat lasts months figure of $1000 winnings!!!!
Here are a few hands which I played over the last few days which give an insight to how i'm running....

This guy was playing so many pots that I was sure he was over playing a hand like AQ/KQ or even JQ.... I couldn't really put him on 7 8 offsuit as he called a raise in the small blind..


another guy calling my raise with shit and getting extremely lucky.. my thought process in this hand was that there was no way he had KK or AA and naturally my QQ was way ahead of his 77/88/99/10 10.....


Maybe i could have gotten away from this on the flop but i think it's too weak to fold in this situation..


Should have raised his flop bet given the flush draw out there....but turned out good!!


My biggest online pot to date... this guy was a huge fish and i had noticed him re-raising with AJ and KQ in the blinds before so it made my turn push easy!!!(not that I'm ever foldin gin that situation with half my stck in the pot)


Happy with my play here, only really scared of 4 4.


I'll try to keep update in a week or so with some better results...

Good luck at the tables...

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