Friday, 14 March 2008


Thought I might aswell post a blog whilst watching sport relief on tv. Poker has been terrible over the past week, I'm down somewhere between 5 or 6 buy-in's ($500-600) and I hope it ends soon, I still have about $1800 in my bankroll but will have to move back down to the $0.25/0.50 games if things don't change...
It's as if my opponents can see my hands.. If I hit a set they fold, if I bluff they call me down light, if i have top pair top kicker I get rived with 2 pair, and people are hitting mad gut shot draws against me... I can't be arsed to post any hands but trust me it's pretty sick!!!
Looking forward to having a poker free weekend and taking a break from the tables, will update when i get back to the grind!

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