Friday, 4 April 2008

playing $1-2 blinds

ok.. it's been while since my last blog and things have been going well lately. I start a new job at the beginning of March and when i handed in my notice my current emplyer put me on "garden leave" for 4 weeks, which basically means I'm on paid leave during my notice period. during the next weeks I'll get all those annoying jobs round the house done which have been left over the past year and hopefully play a bit more poker and increase my win rate...

On the topic of poker I have been playing 6man $0.50/1 tables and full ring (10 man) $1-2 tables.. I would prefer to play the 5 man $1-2 tables but they are too aggressive for me and I play a bit scared in marginal decisions so for now I will stick to the easier 10 m an tables where I feel the action is still good but the players are slightly weaker.

Here are some interesting hands from some recent sessions..

pretty standard...

Ugly flop for a set but happy with rsult.

marginal decision on the river although my read was he was holding A9 or even 10/10.

Nice to bust two opponents in the same hand for a big score...

I will try to keep updating more regular during the next week..


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