Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Biggest online pot $$$$

Howdy... Ok as I said in my last blog I am starting to play some $1-2 games as I'm feeling confident enough to tackle the 6 man tables. I usually start off taking a couple of knocks at the start of the sessions and find myself down $100/200 but things have been going well in general, I'm up about 3 buy in's ($600) so far and and feel like I'm playing aggresive poker so hopefully it will continue.

Here is my biggest online pot to date.. I was convinced he had the Ace of diamonds as he was just check calling on the flop & turn which made his river push transparrent.. here is the hand


stepping up the aggrssion..


Big laydown here but this guy was playing pretty tight and I'm almost always a 4-1 dog against KK or AA here or at best in a flip with AK.


will try to keep updting regularly, thanks for checking the blog.


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Webslinger516 said...

Good stuff, man. Love the QQ laydown and the snap-call (assuming it was snapped) with AQ on the river.