Sunday, 18 May 2008

Long time no blog....

Howdy all....

It's been a minute since my last blog and that's mainly due to the fact I started my new job at the end of April and I've been real busy. The job is going great, I'm learning lots of new shit and making new friends in the process, the only downside is that I'm away in Southend all week but that's ok... the staff restauranmt is the bollocks.... lol.

During my first week in Southend I went out with a few of the guys to the local Casino. There was a poker tourney going on and the guys wanted to play but we got there too late and they decided to play 3 card poker against the house, I watched for a while but it was just a luck game so i placed myself on the "wait list" for a seat in the live cash game going on downstairs in the poker room, the room manager said min buy in was £50. I got the nod about 20 mins later and sat down with £60, thn to my horror I realised the game was £1-2 blinds and was the big short stack at the table... I decided I would get it in with top pair good top kicker or better to try and double up early or simply go bust & leave, thankfully I picked up QQ and doubled up on 10 9 3 board against an opponent with A 10.. after that nothing of interest happend and I left with a £50 the average stack at the table was about £300-400.

I started playing some Online poker again this week and things are going good, I'm up about $400 for the week. Yesterday I went on a major heater playing $0.50/1.00 Holdem and sat down with $100.... after 265 hands I was sat there with $385, unfortunately the other two tables I was sat at were not quote so kind.. my profit for the session was $219.

During the week I played one table of $0.50/1.00 and one table of $1-2 blinds. I normally only play 2 tables if i'm playing $1-2 as it's easy to lose a bunch of cash if your not paying attention to the more aggressive players on the bigger table. Here is an interesting hand from the session, the turn re-raise had me guessing whether he flopped a set or not but my instinct was telling me he wouldn't check raise with a set on turn.... most probably he wuld lead with a strong bet hoping I was strong enough to go all-in or call and go all-in on the river.... as iot turns out he was just trying it

Here are some hands fom my heater session playing yesterday.... the Q is an ugly turn card but sometimes you got to just get ur cash in...

It's nice when a donk bets 4/5 of the pot with just an openender draw on the flop when i'm holding middle set..

I playedthis one pretty bad considering I had made notes on my opponent and they read "will play big pot with top pair & good kicker" which was exactly the type of hand I put him on making my turn check appalling... got some nice value on the river though!!!

BAD BEAT CITY!!!!!! thank god he only had small stack..

see ya..


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