Sunday, 15 June 2008

Action weekend....

Howdy all,

Job is still going great, I was in a hospital on Friday and saw a procedure of a flexible scope placed into a man japs eye to look into his bladder... enough to make me cross my legs.. lol

Been playing a lot of poker this weekend.... I played like a prick Friday night and lost about $250 in some $2-4 games, but have won about $600 playing in the $1-2 games so another nice profit for the weekend.

Here is by far my favourite hand of the weekend, i love the push on the turn as I think I can get KQ to fold here a lot of the time, my equity in the hand is good so even of he calls I still have about 14 outs, if he calls on a flush draw then he deserves what he gets.

Automatic, no need point in slow play here with 2 spades on the flop...

Finally comfortable enough at these stakes to shove here...

can't get away from this one...

NEVER EVER EVER SLOW PLAY... played like a cunt here, should have shoved the flop!!

I should have shoved this on the flop, my equity is pretty good and he folds often enough to make it profitable in my opinion

I hope to play a bit during the week as I'm at home for a couple of nights this week... will update soon.

Craig .

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